Partner with Us

Welcome to the Partner Portion of Blue Equities, LLC

Many people are interested in real estate but are not sure how to get started.  Feel free to contact us to learn some ways that you can get started in real estate.


How we Limit Risk

  1. When we purchase real estate, we keep reserves of 10-20% of our capital to handle any unforeseen changes in the market or longer than expected carrying costs.
  2. We have multiple exit strategies which include: selling, renting, lease-option, or selling with seller finance.
  3. We are conservative with our purchases.  We purchase homes, make them beautiful, and then set the sales price in the range where there is the highest demand.


How to Partner with us

To learn more about partnering or to come see one of our flip properties in Arizona give us a call at 480-206-1209 or email us at or you can join our partner network by filling out the contact form below.



*APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and it means what the rate would be over the course of an entire year.